AAA Safety Stock Replenishing Service

Are You Aware that AAA Safety Supplies Can Check Your Stock For You?

At AAA Safety Supplies we pride ourselves on our client & customer relations and so we offer a unique stock replenishing service to make sure you never run out of the essential Protective clothing and equipment in order to keep your business running safely.

It is recommended that all of your PPE is stored in a clean and dry place however generally the majority of businesses will have a dedicated and secure PPE cupboard or store room located on the premises where all of the Protective Safety items will be kept.

Protective clothing & equipment is a legal requirement in the UK and an employers responsibility so it is essential that you keep enough stock of each required item in order for every employee to be able to complete their job safely and for the business to function efficiently. 

How It Works

One of our team would arrange a visit to your place of work to discuss which products your business and team require and to inspect your PPE storage area. We would note the quantity and the frequency of the regularly used items and then visit your business locations regularly to keep your PPE store topped up. with the required items. (making sure the minimum of each item is in stock)

AAA Safety Supplies offers this unique service to all of out customers who are located within our 30 mile catchment area at no additional cost. (minimum order required, please get in touch to find out more)

Each time we replenish the PPE store we would provide a delivery note for a member of staff to sign as proof of items being delivered. We would then invoice you for these items as normal to be paid within 28 days. 


AAA Safety Supplies may require access to your PPE Storage area and so may have to arrange for a key or access code in order to check store weekly. Any members of our team that visit your business premises would do so wearing visible branded AAA Safety Clothing complete with an ID badge so that they can easily be identified. 

We also regularly stock check distribution hubs, offices, shopping centers and all types of factory and work places in order to make sure your business has the required safety clothing and equipment to hand when you need it. 


Your Teams Safely Must Not Be A Compromise