Stoko Solopol Natural Hand Cleanser 2L

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This cleansing paste works to keep your hands healthy and hygienic
• Works on even heavy-duty contamination like oil, grease, graphite, carbon black and metallic dust
• Contains scrubbing-agent Astopon, formulated from refined walnut shells, for improved cleansing action
• Contains aloe vera and other skin-friendly ingredients
• Solvent-free
• This product is certified by EU Ecolabel to ensure it has met high environmental standards throughout its lifecycle
• Suitable for Vario dispensers

Remove heavy-duty contaminants while keeping your hands healthy and hygienic using Deb Stoko Solopol natural hand cleanser. Formulated from Astopon, aloe vera and various other hard-working, skin-friendly ingredients, this cleansing paste can remove oil, graphite and carbon black with ease.

Weight 15 oz